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Stark in the Bronx: A detective novel, 2013

"Gritty and savvy and entirely Bronx, our hero has a refreshing voice and eye for the honest truth, which is spoken page after page in language colorfully witty. The unexpected lies around every corner and the ride is a rich one. A treat of detective fiction from the great nonfiction writer and documentarian Saul Landau." Review by Eileen Clegg

Bush and Botox World: Travels Through Bush's America (Counterpunch-Paperback)
by Saul Landau, Gore Vidal (Foreword)

The Business of America: How Consumers Have Replaced Citizens and How We Can Reverse the Trend

"Look at our culture of consumption as a scientist would see bacteria growing in an immense Petri dish. We develop or get conditioned amidst an amorphous atmosphere of perpetual sales pitches as if human nature itself possesses some compulsion to lure us, like the biblical serpent with its glowing apple did to Eve." -Saul Landau, THE BUSINESS OF AMERICA

Landau's latest book probes and disputes the forces that have transformed citizens into voracious consumers eager to pillage as much as they can from Earth. From online shopping to the cash-and-carry ethos of political campaigns, Landau decodes the subtle ways advertisers entice us to correct our inadequacies by buying more "things," from SUVS and credit cards to that perfect deodorant.

Landau challenges the notion that consumption must dominate our society and reveals a growing anti-commercialism global movement.

The Pre-Emptive Empire: A Guide to Bush's Kingdom

Landau's 2003 book is a scathing account of George W. Bush's world before and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks that will appeal to anyone who is disenchanted with the cynicism of Bush's government, and the blatant imperialist U.S. policy -- or those who just want to learn about what happened in US politics.

Landau covers the topical and controversial issues -- from terrorism and US foreign policy to Bush's wondrous election victory; from Enron, Chile and Pinochet to Cuba, the Middle East, the IMF, the environment and sexual and cultural politics.

The Guerrilla Wars of Central America: Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala

Landau provides facts and original analysis on the revolutions in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala from the 1960s through the mid 1990s. The book also dissects US-backed counter-revolutions in these insurrections. Landau combines scholarship with interviews he conducted with Sandinista leaders and counter-revolutionaries.

"A deeply insightful and provocative study of a subject that needs to be better understood."
Professor Philip Brenner, American Univeristy, in RACE AND CLASS

Dangerous Doctrine: National Security and U.S. Foreign Policy
"Saul Landau is among the shrewdest, most consistent, and most courageous analysts of U.S. policy. His new book is a must."
Fred Halliday, London School of Economics

To Serve the Devil (with Paul Jacobs and Eve Pell)

Assassination on Embassy Row

(with John Dinges)
(Edgar Allen Poe Award Winner)
A devastating political document that probes all aspects of the September 21, 1976 Letelier-Moffitt assassinations, interweaving the murder investigations by the FBI and the Institute for Policy Studies. The story surpasses the most sophisticated fiction while concurrently raising serious and tantalizing questions about the response of American intelligence and foreign policy to international terrorism.

My Dad Was Not Hamlet

Blue Print for Change in Central America

Red Hot Radio
Fasten your seat belts for this crash-the-gates tour of politics, vice and corruption. In this collection of trenchant commentaries heard on Pacifica Radio, Saul Landau applies his wit, wisdom, and good old-fashioned fire-and-brimstone analysis to American politics.

"Often I am stopped on the street by earnest people who inquire, 'Left, right--shouldn't we be over all those isms by now? In this era of Web marketing, telecommunications and universal acclaim for the global free enterprise system, how can we be expected to tell the difference between left and right anyway?' In response to these queries I say two things: One: how do you manage to get your shoes on the correct feet in the morning or, for that matter, decide which hand should wield the fork? Two: Read Saul Landau. He's just a living, breathing exemplary of what it means to be left as opposed to right, or morally and intellectually alive as opposed to brain-dead and socially clueless. Read him, underdogs of the world, and delight!" --From the foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich

Hot Air
"Saul Landau's Hot Air brings together the insights and wisdom of one of the nation's most perceptive and brilliant minds. It is a treasure house of commentaries on our most urgent national and international challenges."
George McGovern

They Educated the Crows

A Transnational Institute Report on the Letelier-Moffitt Murders



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