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Red Hot Radio
Paperback - 246 pages (September 1998)
ISBN: 1567511465

Cultural Writing. Politics. Explosive commentary aimed at the rich and wicked, this crash-the-gates tour of politics, vice and corruption is a collection of commentaries by Saul Landau heard on Pacifica Radio. "He's just a living,breathing exemplary of what it means to be left as opposed to right, or morally and intellectually alive as opposed to brain-dead and clueless." -- Barbara Ehrenreich, from the Forward. As an author, filmmaker and political activist, Saul Landau has won an Emmy. A George Polk Award, the First Amendment Award and the Letelier-Moffit award for human rights. He is currently the Hugh O. La Bounty Chair of Interdisciplinary Applied Knowledge at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He continues to air his commentaries on Pacifica Radio News.

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